On 4 Sep, SCC-VA Board members and NASCAR driver and SPEED Sport announcer Hermie Sadler visited the kids at the Richmond Children's Hospital (RCH). The group was accompanied by Hermie's wife Angie and Lee and Lisa Herndon of AutoTrader.Com., plus members of the hospital staff. "Raffle" and "50/50" the racing dog mascots and friends of SCC also made the trip. This was the mascot's second visit to see the kids at RCH. During the visit Hermie chatted with each child and left them with a beanie doll replica of "Raffle" and "50/50."

In 2007, SCC-VA received a grant request for RCH for funds to purchase a mobile trolley system for their Transitional Care Unit. Procurement of this system would allow the staff to bathe the long-term inpatients on a daily basis. The trolley system would allow totally dependent children an alternative to bed bathing; as most of the children cared for at RCH are unable to assist in their bathing; many of them cannot sit up unsupported, rollover or follow instructions. Thereby making bathing these children a safety challenge for both the hospital staff and the child. The RCH nursing staff emphasized that hygiene is one of the most important of all nursing activities and contributes greatly to the emotional well-being. SCC-VA board members made the trolley system a reality and promised a return visit in 2008.

RCH is a provider of specialized medical and therapeutic service customized to meet the specific medical needs of children and their families. The hospital has five core service areas which include dental, multi-specialty clinics, children's feeding programs, therapy and Transitional Care Unit. Some 8,000 plus children pass through the doors of RCH on an annual basis; for 40 - 50 kids this is home.

A special thanks to Hermie, Angie and the hospital staff for their dedication and support to the kids. And a big thumbs up to AutoTrader.Com for their generous contribution to SCC. The RHC staff suggested that "Raffle" and "50/05" become staff members; the guys declined, but related that they would be back in 2009. Your contributions at work; making a difference, shaping a future - SCC-VA cares.