Members of Speedway Children's Charities - Virginia Chapter (SCC-VA) played a very active role in honoring our nation's military service members during the Lowe's Motor Speedway Memorial Day Activities. The racing dog mascots, "Raffle" and "50/50" even joined in the weekend festivities. Those two characters had a fun full schedule that took them all over the speedway.

On Saturday morning they visited the Cub and Boy Scouts as they participated in the Annual Pinewood Derby. Each competitor had to hand-craft their own respective derby entry; this was "Raffle's" and "50/50's" downfall as they were all paws; but they didn't let this get them down. They had fun high-fiving, hugging and taking pictures with their new found friends.

Sunday was special. The boys were awakened by a platoon of soldiers jogging and loudly calling out cadence during the morning PT run. The guys wanted none of that running stuff at 6:00a.m. Plus, "Raffle" was a feeling little under the weather from his Saturday adventures. This left "50/50" to tackle the planned "Honoring the Troops" activities by himself; but no problem. A special luncheon for 5000 Fort Bragg troops was sponsored and hosted by; one of SCC's major contributors. "50/50" arrived and was greeted by to a sea of camouflage uniforms, black berets and boots and America's hero's.

Unlike many high-profile celebrities, "Raffle" and "50/50" don't travel by limousine; their mode of travel is a golf cart. This way they can see and wave to their fans. Speaking of traveling; on Saturday the boys were preparing to enter the speedway via the infield tunnel when they were confronted by a "newbie" security guard who asked to see their NASCAR credentials. Both dogs got off out of the golf cart gave him a big doggie-hug; leaving him speechless, but happy.

"Raffle's" and "50/50's" inspiration are the kids. The mascots have been friends of SCC since the inception of the Virginia Chapter. The dogs make appearances mostly at community type events; however they especially look forward to visiting the hospitalized children at the Children's National Medical Center and Children Inn at NIH each year. To learn more about SCC-VA and how you can become involved; please visit website at: Did you let the dogs out?